New Update : Stance Mechanic

With the charity build update also comes with an update to the main build!

The update includes some bug fixes and spelling corrections, as well as the new stance mechanic.

 Breakdown of Stance Mechanic Incoming

Stance is a new unit stat that determines block regain at the start of each round. Characters no longer restore block up to their armor, but restore an amount of block equal to their stance up to their armor.

We hope this will provide more emergent gameplay and unique strategy when dealing with block management, for both your own characters like Ferrum and for tank enemies like the Terkulin. It also opens doors for us to add stuff like terrain features which provide small defensive bonuses (as +1 block is strong but +1 stance is more subtle).

Additionally, this should help managing Terkulins for new players somewhat easier, and give an viable alternative to using flank strategies on them. The introduction of stance nerfs Ferrum, but since he can regain armor by attacking, I'm hoping that it'll encourage players to be more aggressive with him.


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Jun 01, 2020

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