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Moonrise Hope is a Tactics RPG in development
This is the ALPHA demo, which contains 6 fights the prologue of the story.
Mechanics and story are not final.

Game by Troy Adams, William Fisher, and Timothy Ebert

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Challenging battles that test wit and resolve over luck.

Perform massive combos using character's synergistic skill-sets.

Experiment with the wealth of unique abilities.

Explore a world full of charming characters and mystery.


Ferrum and Trevor are to become "Candiffs": officially licensed monster hunters. A hard-boiled Merc who had renounced his violent past and a young noble seeking adventure, these unlikely friends will find their Candiff exam to be the least of their worries. The ruins in which they hunt contain more than just monsters. In a nation the human world thought destroyed, a revival is occurring. A revival blessed by Fate itself.


Moonrise Hope is a unique Tactics RPG built to reward creative, expressive play with massive galaxy brain combos and powerful damage effects. At the same time MRH ties in combat with story and characterization.

  • Morale System : Your characters' morale will ebb and flow with your success in battle. Characters can encourage each other to raise each others spirits and thus gain an edge in battle. However, if morale goes to low, cracks will start to show. Characters will exhibit their unique weakness, making a tough fight even more tense.
  • Action Point System : Each party member has a unique set of abilities they use at the cost of Action Points. The number of possible move combinations combined with the built in synergies between the character's abilities leads to out-of-the-box solutions and massive combos.
  • Stun System : Every time you deal HP damage to an enemy, you stun it for that turn. However, most enemies have armor, so dealing damage to enemies becomes an intense puzzle with a rewarding payoff.

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Loved my first hour with it, looking forward to seeing more! Keep it up!!



Loved it! The characters are great, each one with a wide range of interesting abilities to play around with. The battles are  lot of fun. Doesn't rely on RNG for difficulty, which is a wonderful choice. And the story has me VERY intrigued. Looking forward to see where this goes :)


Thanks for the comment and the praise Ancalabro :)


Here's my video with top turn-based strategy/RPGs on itch.io February 2020


Thanks for featuring us among so many other excellent strategy games!

We need your feedback to make the game the best it can be! Send us you suggestions and criticisms here :)