A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A puzzle-tactics RPG that challenges both your strategy and your creativity. 

 Moonrise Hope is a story-driven, turn-based tactics RPG about people pushing the limits of their resolve. Lead a party of monster hunters known as Candiffs in challenging RNG-less puzzle-strategy combat that rewards creativity as much as it does tactics. Witness your characters struggle forward and grow together, and decide when to push them further and exhaust their limited willpower.

RNG-Less Combat

 Plan out the perfect turns and create massive combos in our deep and challenging combat system.

Push Willpower to it’s Limit

 Use up your character's willpower to gain an edge in battle, but be careful they do not lose hope. Help maintain their willpower and hope in and out of combat.

Mature Character-driven Story 

 Watch your party grow and interact together as they fight with not only monsters but more elusive enemies of the mind.

Explore a Mysterious World

Lead your party through detailed pixel art environments, discover hidden secrets, and learn the stories of the local townsfolk.

Create your own Levels (WIP)

Features a comprehensive editor for you to create and share your own epic battles.

Try out our Alpha Demo!

What's in the alpha demo?

  • The prologue of the story.
  • A near final version of the combat system.
  • 2 hours of content.

Support the Project

We would like to develop Moonrise Hope into a full Tactics RPG, but we need help!
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Moonrise Hope is a Tactics RPG in development This is the ALPHA demo, which contains 6 fights the prologue of the story. Mechanics and story are not final.

Game by Troy Adams, William Fisher, and Timothy Ebert

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Install instructions

Extract the zip then run the exe


Moonrise Hope Alpha Demo 0.2.1 (PC) 95 MB
Moonrise Hope Alpha Demo Ubuntu 92 MB
Moonrise Hope Alpha Demo MAC OS (Unstable) 92 MB

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Is this project still being developed? It looks grea

Its is, but experiencing some difficulties. Progress has been slow recently.
Thank you though :)


Loved my first hour with it, looking forward to seeing more! Keep it up!!


Thanks for the video Sammy J! Glad you enjoyed it 


Loved it! The characters are great, each one with a wide range of interesting abilities to play around with. The battles are  lot of fun. Doesn't rely on RNG for difficulty, which is a wonderful choice. And the story has me VERY intrigued. Looking forward to see where this goes :)


Thanks for the comment and the praise Ancalabro :)


Here's my video with top turn-based strategy/RPGs on itch.io February 2020


Thanks for featuring us among so many other excellent strategy games!

We need your feedback to make the game the best it can be! Send us you suggestions and criticisms here :)