MRH Charity Update : Counterattack Coronavirus!

Counterattack Coronavirus!

We running a exclusive CHARITY BUILD until July!
100% of our profit from the charity build will be donated to Doctors without Borders to help fight Coronavirus and other diseases throughout the world in the places that need it the most.
10% of donations will go to due to the platform fee. There is also a small transaction cost for using paypal. But the rest we get will go to charity!
We will post proof here of our donation on July 1st!
The build contains an exclusive first look at a new Counterattack based character and two new extra challenging levels! The build will go down after July 1st, so get it while you can!
To get this exclusive build you must donate $3 or more.
Thank you!


Moonrise Hope : Counterattack Coronavirus! 95 MB
Apr 27, 2020

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