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The sinister Gunslinger Lich has terrorized the countryside for too long. Time to show him who the fastest Runeslinger in the West really is.

You will have to fight many of the Lich's goons before you can reach him. Arrange your bullet-runes in patterns in order to fire your wizard revolver at these neerdowell bandits. Note that unused bullets move whenever a pattern is created. With careful positioning of your bullet-runes, you can unleash a devastating CHAIN SHOT.

Be careful however, the enemy will not wait for you. Each time you move a rune, your enemy gets closer to attacking! Plan your moves wisely.


  • Objective
    • Defeat the Lich and his Goons without dying.
  • Controls
    • Everything is controlled using the MOUSE
    • Click on a Bullet-Rune to select it.
    • When Bullet-Rune is selected, click one of the available spaces to move the Bullet there.
  • Bullet-Runes and Pattern Formation
    • Bullets can move in any direction 1 space.
    • Form one of the patterns shown at the bottom of the screen to deal damage to the enemy!
    • Whenever you form a pattern, the unused bullet moves once in the direction it's facing.
      • You can use this to chain patterns together, getting massive bonus damage!
    • After all patterns are formed, all bullets move once in the direction they face without forming patterns.
    • A pattern can be formed anywhere on the grid, but cannot be rotated.
    • Every time you move a bullet, the enemy gets closer to attacking, so be careful.
  • Miscellaneous
    • There are no checkpoints! If you die you have to restart.
    • However, you heal 5 health after each enemy.


Submission for TAGD Game Jam Fall 2019 - Theme "Chain Reaction"
3rd Place 🎉

TAGD (Texas Aggie Game Developers) is a university organization playing, learning about, and of course, making games! On the off chance you're not here because of TAGD, consider checking out the other games submitted to the Jam. We have a lot of talented, up and coming devs here :)

Erik Priest - Development
Miguel Urbina - Development
Rami Abu-Hamdan - Design, Art
William Fisher - Design, Art, Audio

Source :  https://github.com/SirEsquireGoatTheThird/TAGD-Game-Jam-Fall-2019

Install instructions

Extract the Zip, launch unity executable


Runeslinger.zip 38 MB

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