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Nice Game! Had some difficulty at first with all the battles after (and including) Guy the Great, but got used to them. Most of the time I still ended up moving in a square formation to constantly revive the one person that got hit, not sure if it's the intended way but it is the only way that worked for me.

One complaint I have is the size of the UI and UI font. I would find the game more enjoyable if I didn't have to strain my eyes so much. Perhaps an option for the UI size (1, 1.5, 2)?  just make sure to keep the scale ;)

example of formation mentioned above

Thank you!
Yeah, the square formation tact was noticed in design and playtesting but ended up being more prominent that I hoped. The downed system is going to be changed in the future.
The UI definitely could use an overall. One of our plans in the final release

Thank you for taking a look at our game and giving feedback! We really appreciate it

Is this project still being developed? It looks grea

Its is, but experiencing some difficulties. Progress has been slow recently.
Thank you though :)


Loved my first hour with it, looking forward to seeing more! Keep it up!!

Thanks for the video Sammy J! Glad you enjoyed it 


Loved it! The characters are great, each one with a wide range of interesting abilities to play around with. The battles are  lot of fun. Doesn't rely on RNG for difficulty, which is a wonderful choice. And the story has me VERY intrigued. Looking forward to see where this goes :)


Thanks for the comment and the praise Ancalabro :)


Here's my video with top turn-based strategy/RPGs on February 2020


Thanks for featuring us among so many other excellent strategy games!

We need your feedback to make the game the best it can be! Send us you suggestions and criticisms here :)