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Change the Law. Win the Case.

Build a winning case against your opponent in this asymmetric courtroom card game. 

Play cards to the timeline to build a logical argument as the prosecution, or poke holes in the case as the defense. 

Both players have the ability to change the law, effecting both players' win conditions.


  • Objective
    • Prosecutor : Build a winning case by getting 5 cards in a row that match the current victory law conditions.
    • Defense : Disprove your opponent by exposing 5 contradicted cards according to the current laws or have the deck run out ("innocent till proven guilty").
  • Controls
    • Everything is controlled using the MOUSE.
    • Click on a card to pick it up, and move it to the center field to place it.
    • You can cards at any spot in the sequence.
    • Some cards require additional input. The game will walk you through when this happens.
  • Gameplay
    • Players alternate turns.
    • On your turn, draw a card and play a card.
    • Cards are played to a "timeline" sequence. You can put the new card anywhere in the sequence, such as in between existing cards.
    • Cards have special effects when played.
      • Some cards can change laws. This changes when cards become contradicted or when they count towards the prosecutor's case.
    • Players also have special abilities they can use each turn.
      • Prosecutor : Swap two cards
      • Defense : Reveal one of your opponent's cards.

*Note : Sadly this game can only be played in Hotseat multiplayer right now. Networking got cut due to game jam time constraints. We might add this soon.


Submission for TAGD Game Jam Spring 2020 - Theme "Alternate Perspectives" 
3rd Place 🎉

TAGD (Texas Aggie Game Developers) is a university organization playing, learning about, and of course, making games! On the off chance you're not here because of TAGD, consider checking out the other games submitted to the Jam. We have a lot of talented, up and coming devs here :)

Game by Will FishTimothy Yabuki

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsWill Fish, Timothy Yabuki
GenreCard Game, Strategy
TagsMultiplayer, Turn-based

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the .exe inside.


KangarooCourt.zip 39 MB


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put spanish please i dont understand the game

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Sorry about that my dude.
Sadly translation isn't feasible for us at the moment.
Thank you for your interest though.


ok no problems